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Liquidsoundzuk dnb Podcast
Rollin the highest grade sounds
Category: Drum 'n' Bass
Location: London
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Rollin Serious Dnb Vibes

by Liquidsound...
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February 28, 2018 02:47 AM PST

Mej/ Odyssey Recordings/Collective Producer.
We give with full marks to his production skills. Mej has had tracks released on Audio Theory Records, and now showcasing his music with Odyssey Recordings, with his minimal beats and dance floor flavours, keep your eyes and ears open for some forthcoming music. We are very pleased to have such talent on board.


1. mav - the scientific way.
2. kytel - the avenue.
3. resound vs paradox - circular structures.
4. teebee - lifeless.
5. icr - new day.
6. asc - forcefield.
7. implex - oceans of oceans.
8. cryo & uzahs - waterfalls.
9. mav - trigger the rabbit.
10. cryo - girls and their demons.

January 31, 2018 08:46 AM PST

Rich goes by the artist name Rhythm Tek. His D ‘n’ B Style varies from Atmospheric to Minimal beats and Jungle Just depending on his mood. Rhythm Tek’s production comes from his inner emotion, and feels that this makes a better sound and listen. Rhythm Tek has a number of tracks released with Odyssey Recordings and many to come… He is also a key member of Odyssey Recordings, together managing the No.1 ITunes podcast – Liquidsoundzuk.
Please keep your eyes and ears open for the future sounds of Rhythm Tek.


1.Adam f - Circles
2.The police - Walking On The Moon Roger Sanchez Remix
3.Roni Size - Heroes
4.Blame - Alpha 7
5.Atlantic Connection - Alliance Amen
6.BKey - Elysium
7.Source Direct - Secret Liaison
8.PFM - The Western
9.Blame - Sphere Seba Remix
10.Pariah - Remnants
11.The Invisible Man - Stormfields
12.Future Engineers -Wavelength
13.Dillinja - Hardnoise

January 15, 2018 12:58 AM PST

LiquidSoundzuk /ITunes
2018 Podcast
This year we are focusing on the producers behind the music.
Producers will get the opportunity to select their top 15/20 tracks that has inspired and influenced
them over their time as an avid Drum & Bass listener to showcase an Un-Mixed podcast.
The podcast will consist of either an all MP3 selection or an all Vinyl selection. This will be entirely up
to the producer.
Please join us on this musical Odyssey…
Odyssey Recordings
AXO worldwide
Advection music
Thank you to all our listeners and support

November 30, 2017 12:38 AM PST

Having released popular Drum & Bass music since 1997, on leading labels such as Renegade, Partisan, 720 degrees, and Good Looking Records, Future Engineers finally launch brand new imprint Transference Recordings. It is designed to become a regular outlet – via digital download stores – for top quality and forward-thinking, deep D&B music.
The label sets off on a very strong foot with Future Engineers delivering the superb Ellipse EP – a refreshingly diverse collection of deeper D&B tracks from the top drawer.
Full Bio
Lee Batchelor and Keir Cleminson are Future Engineers, a Glasgow based drum and bass production outfit, best known for their music that was released by LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Organisation between 1999 and 2003, and also for the progressive, dance floor friendly DJ sets that they have performed across Europe.
They released their seminal 12” (“The Silence”/”Shattered”) on Renegade Recordings in 1997, quickly followed by popular material on labels such as Temple Records and Partisan. Almost 10 years since they first broke onto the scene, they have retained their reputation as a boundary-pushing and prolific drum and bass act. Their solid working relationship has been built on the foundations of a life-long friendship, having grown up together in North London and then Glasgow when Keir relocated there in 1990, followed by Lee in 1994.
From early childhood they were constantly surrounded by music – from studio sessions to live concerts – due to their fathers who were working together in the industry. Most notably, Keir’s father was lead guitarist in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Lee’s Father co-produced some of their albums (he also co-produced “Slide Away” for Oasis on their debut album “Definitely Maybe” years later!) As a result of this exposure and the uptake of musical and studio know-how, it was a natural choice by Lee and Keir to pursue a similar career to their fathers.
As teenagers in the 1990s, they listened to London’s pirate radio stations, following the progression of early Hardcore through to Hardcore Techno, Jungle Techno, Jungle and then Drum and Bass – learning the sounds along the way with a view to producing material of their own in future. When Lee moved to Glasgow, bringing with him some studio equipment that he had collected, the pair began to experiment in writing a variety of styles of drum and bass. But it wasn’t until they heard LTJ Bukem’s first Radio One Essential Mix in July 1995 that they identified the kind of sound they were most interested in creating, and tailored their approach in the studio accordingly. Around this time, they also befriended a fellow Glaswegian drum and bass producer, KMC, who had built up a good reputation (and knowledge of the scene) outside Scotland, and he encouraged them to relinquish a demo DAT in order to start the process of getting material signed to record labels.
Good Looking Records
The relationship with Good Looking Records began in 1999 when LTJ Bukem selected a track entitled “Timeshift” to be part of the third volume of his legendary Progression Sessions mix CD series. It was an instant fans’ favourite due to the futuristic synths and technological vibes that would become two abiding ingredients of Future Engineers’ sound. In the ensuing years, the duo released tracks on a variety of labels under the Good Looking Organisation umbrella – such as PHD’s Ascendant Grooves, Tayla’s Nexus Records and Blame’s 720 Degrees. The latter proved to be a particularly significant outlet for them within the Good Looking camp and their 12”s, “Changes in State”/”Rogue Comet” and “Momentum”/”Organism” played no small part in the fast growing reputation of that particular label.
Technetum EP
By 2001 they were so highly regarded by the Good Looking Organisation, having almost all of their new music picked up by the labels within, that Lee and Keir accepted the offer to sign an exclusive artist contract. In addition to agreeing a structured release schedule, this presented an opportunity for Future Engineers to showcase their DJ talents at some of the Progression Sessions nights throughout Europe. It proved to be a good year for the Engineers; a track entitled “Merge” was selected to appear on MC Conrad’s Logical Progression Level 4 CD, and the boundary pushing, dance floor shaker “Echo-Location” was one of the highlights of LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad’s Progression Sessions 6, recorded live in the USA. 2002 saw the release of the “Technetium EP” – four slices of hard-edged, techno-orientated, atmospheric drum and bass – which was widely acclaimed by fans and music critics alike. This actually turned out to be the penultimate Future Engineers release on Good Looking Records – the last being a remix of Pariah’s “Midnight” in 2003.
Almost three years later, in early 2006, despite a lot of support and guidance from LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad and the rest of the Good Looking Organisation over the years, Future Engineers’ request to terminate the exclusive contract they had signed with them was accepted very amicably. This event marked the beginning of a new era and they did not hesitate to make their mark on the scene once again, releasing the popular “Down-Time” and a remix of Matizz’s “Through My Eyes” on Camino Blue Recordings, and a three track plate (including the much anticipated “Eon”) on Covert Operations Recordings.
The comeback is still building momentum as Lee and Keir continue to write more and more fresh material in the studio and DJ throughout Europe once again. Furthermore, the imminent launch of their brand new imprint – Transference Recordings – spells exciting times ahead…

1. Malaky - Spiralled - Fokus Recordings
2. Walkr - All I Need Ft Charli Brix - Warmer - Celsius Recordings
3. Hiddenwave - Up All Night - Scientific Records Dub
4. Ed:it - Kovacs - Shogun Audio
5. EastColors - Vaska - Demand Records
6. Dauntless - Departures - Dispatch Recordings Dub
7. S.P.Y - Dreaming - Hospital Records
8. Ed:it - Nevermind It - Shogun Audio
9. Future Engineers - Eternity - Plasma Audio
10. Radicall - Allure (Future Engineers Remix) - Transference Dub
11. Naibu - Fighting for Attention (Future Engineers Remix) - Scientific
12. Seba & Ulrich Schnauss - M7 - Blu Mar Ten Music
13. Cern - Premonition - Dispatch Recordings
14. Homemade Weapons - Heiress - Samurai Music
15. Nami - Imitator - Lifestyles Music
16. Revaux ft. Charli Brix -  Colours - Lifestyles Music Dub
17. Dauntless & Fuj - Lucidity - Dispatch Recordings Dub
18. Nami & 'Lo - Inside - Lifestyles Music
19. Dauntless & Fuj - Change of Plan - Transference Dub
20. Dauntless & Fuj - Shadow Beast -  Dispatch Recordings Dub

October 30, 2017 01:36 AM PDT

Pete Rann started his musical career after a school friend introduced him to the legendary Mike Allen hip hop/electro show on Capital Radio back in 1985. This exciting new scene inspired him to get a pair of Technics SL1210s and start to DJ. Whilst accumulating a large record collection with frequent trips to all the underground record shops around London, he soon discovered the electronic delights of Chicago house and early Detroit techno from artists such as Larry Heard, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Pete also embraced the emerging rave culture at the time. He attended his first ever party, Yikes at the Slough centre with the likes of Trevor Fung, Evil Eddie Richards and Jumping Jack Frost. There followed an outdoor party in a vast clearing around 1990, with the sound of Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash being played. This proved to be a pivotal moment, leading to an interest in Euro/bleep techno and early break beat music from Shut Up and Dance, Reinforced Records and the Moving Shadow label.

From there, the musical journey continued to early jungle, techno and electronica. During this time, Pete had been honing his mixing skills and started compiling many mix tapes. As drum and bass started to emerge, two artists LTJ Bukem and 4-Hero really caught Pete’s attention and he found himself being drawn to the more musical side of the genre. The passion to DJ continued and he managed to win a few competitions in the process. One was a drum and bass mix for the legendary Eternity Magazine, the other was for Muzik Magazine’s ‘bedroom bedlam’. A slot at the legendary Blue Note in London beckoned after winning another competition, resulting with a set alongside Nicky Blackmarket. This lead to stints playing at various clubs and bars around the London area as well as numerous residencies in Brighton where he lived for some time. Whilst there he also co-promoted a night with Stuart Cullan (aka Pilote on Certificate 18 records), a hip-hop/funk night at the legendary Jazz Rooms and a long-lasting residency at an infamous after-hours bar on Brighton seafront playing drum and bass and general electronica.
It was around 1994 while listening to Fabio and Grooverider’s radio show, hearing music from the likes of Nookie, Photek, Omni Trio and Foul play that the creative juices really started to flow. An avid fan of Fabio in particular, Pete attended Speed at the Mars Bar in London where the ground-breaking fusion of Detroit techno, Jazz, funk and drum and bass could be heard. Having been a fan of Goldie and the Rufige Crew sound also, he was a regular at the infamous Metalheadz Sunday night Blue Note sessions. Taking inspiration from these clubs, the music scene of Brighton and other artists/labels such as Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, A Guy Called Gerald and of course Goodlooking Records, Pete turned his hand to production and purchased his first studio set up. His first ideas were what can only be described as techno influenced breaks but very synth based, he also started naturally to produce drum and bass.

A chance demo sent to 720 degrees label owner Blame, after reading an interview with him in Future Music, led to a very encouraging response. Continuing to make eclectic music, his first official release came in 2001 with a track entitled Spiral Motion for the down tempo label Tru-Thoughts. Now a bit more confident with his drum and bass output, Pete sent a demo to LTJ Bukem. Surprisingly he received a phone call from the man himself, “a most surreal experience” he adds. “I’d spent years watching LTJ Bukem on the decks, now I’m talking to him about life and signing tracks to Goodlooking!” His debut track Free Spirit did very well with its frenetic mix of techno and funk. It received rave reviews as did the follow up Abacus and the piano classic Mind Fuel – a fusion of atmospheric soundscapes with deep Detroit sounds which appeared on sister label Looking Good. With his unique style now in full bloom, Pete continued to record for other similar labels including Fokuz Records and Camino Blue. He also had a significant amount of output on Strictly-Digital, which was one of the first MP3 download sites. Again, it catered for the more atmospheric style of the genre and was run by drum and bass veteran Nookie.

In 2009 he set up his own label Pete Rann Music, releasing an eclectic selection of genres including drum and bass, downtempo, Detroit techno, nu-jazz and general electronica; more recently he has released a string of EPs through Omni Music. As a DJ, he has made numerous guest appearances on the radio and has also been lucky enough to play alongside some of the scenes biggest names both home and abroad including Holland, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Austria and the USA.


Pete Rann – Encounters (Omni Music)

Pete Rann – Shining Light (Omni Music)

Galaxi – Dream Recall (Pete Rann Remix) (Advection Music)

Pete Rann – Glazed (Omni Music)

Scenic and Advisory – How Long (Off World Recordings)

Nookie – Get Down (Phuzion Records)

Nookie Get Down (PBK featuring Miss Drop remix) (Camino Blue)

Future Engineers – Down Time (Camino Blue)

PBK – Reflections (Camino Blue)

Pete Rann – Here and Now (Omni Music)

Lenzman – Last Day on Earth (Spearhead)

Pete Rann – Faction (Omni Music)

Nookie – Way You Move (Phuzion)

September 29, 2017 08:54 AM PDT

NAME: Pierre Ashton-King
HEIGHT:  6ft 2"
DJ NAME: Antoninus (An-Toe-Nine-Us) 
BORN:  04 Feb 1971
BIRTH TOWN: Munster Germany 
LIVES IN:  Telford, Shropshire, England
FAVOURITE MUSIC: Reggae , Dub Reggae,
Soul , R'n'B, Funk , Jazz , Salsa , African, House , Hip -Hop (Old Skool) ,Techno 40's & 50's Music All Styles of D'n'B
INSPIRATIONS: King Tubby (Godfather of Dub Reggae) Roots Radics Band, Sly & Robbie , Legendary Reggae singers from the early days. My Family & Close Friends.
Antoninus grew up on Reggae Music in all it's forms from early age in the 70's. Grew a love of Reggae with sound effects pioneered by King Tubby. By mid 80's had a greater understanding of this genre and began collecting Vinyl.

Then Hip-Hop & House music became popular and took up Breakdancing until it became less popular and new forms of Musical Culture came in.
Discovered Jungle in 1993, fell in love with it due to it's Reggae Basslines and Samples. 

Started DJing in 2002 on a CD Home All -In-One kit bought by his wife.
Then practiced on this , recording to Cassette Tape.
Christmas 2009 was bought an advance kit for mixing The Cortex Dm600 using Mp3 iPod , recording on Audacity.
Attended various Clubs , house parties meeting likeminded listeners. in particular the house of 'BUSY WORKS'  hosted by DJ Twice Daily introduced Antoninus to others where he met someone who'd change his life for the better (SMALLKUTZ)............

NAME:  Martin Proudman
HEIGHT:  5ft 6"
DJ NAME:  Smallkutz
BORN:  15 Feb '73
BIRTH TOWN:  Wolverhampton, England
LIVES IN:  Telford, Shropshire, England
FAVOURITE MUSIC:  Drum & Bass, House, Hip Hop, Electro, Reggae.
INSPIRATIONS:  RJD2, Dj Shadow, Electro.
Smallkutz was a late starter in DJ'ing, he started mixing in early 2008 although gave it a go in the late 90's at a friends house spinning house music on vinyl.
His love for music from an early age has lead him to break dancing in a local park as a teenager to sharing his love of music on internet radio.
The dancing didn't end there, in a duo with an old school buddy, going to parties, enjoying music such as; De La Soul, Soul 2 Soul & other various Hip Hop, then later getting into Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Quest & Psychosis.
This lead to meeting up with more dancers from Telford who also liked the scene, doing dance challenges with a crew at the Hummingbird & Quest in Birmingham and throughout the midlands.
In 2008 the mixing bug had kicked in.
Wanting to give it a go he bought his first set of decks from another close friend known as DJ Twice Daily, a set of CDJ-100s.
Twice Daily held many DJ parties at his house, with many different DJ's and styles of music mixed, from Drum n Bass, Dubstep, House & Hip Hop.
He also mentioned that to be a DJ you need a name, so being Small and the use of Cutting techniques in mixing, the two were combined.


2, MARTSMAN - Zeezer
3, WAS A BE – Rubber
5, SERUM (FT. INJA) – Blow Them Away
6, TYLER FROST – Strange Noises
7, JAM THIEVES – Criminal Thugs
9, OVERLOOK – Existence

August 30, 2017 12:11 PM PDT

I have a long history with dance music. From my love of early 80's Electro through the House, Acid and Rave era, i've always been an active member of the scene - whether it be on the dancefloor or in the guise of D.J or musician/producer. I secured my first release for Roll the drums recordings in 2013 & to date have releases on Soul Deep / Liquid Flavours / Complex Records / Test Press Audio / Deconstructed / DNBB / Odyssey Recordings / Locked Up Music / Liquid Boppers / Bay 6 Recordings / Tesseract / Anticlockwise & Roll The Drums to name a few. I hosted my own weekly 2 hour Drum and Bass show on Clubvibez radio for 18 months and now concentrate on my monthly Drumculture mixcast which features a blend of grass root artists and more well known names which is hosted here and on Hearthis.com & Soundcloud.com.
Small example of my influences: Sasha, Blu Mar Ten, Nu:Logic, Philth, LtjBukem, Hans Zimmer, Basic Forces, Dave Angel, Mistabishi, Massive Attack, Will Miles, Orange n Blue, Bop, Etherwood, Klute, Prodigy,Random Movement, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield.


01. Alien Main Theme - Jerry Goldsmith
02. Artifact - Conspired Within
03. Bpd - Ntropy
04. The Crawler - Crypticz
05. Quantum Physics - Robbyt & Echtoo
06. Release - Shallow Breath
07. The Witness - Droma
08. The Life - Moving Sticks
09. Foul Temper - Stimpy
10. Pull Up Dat - Thing
11. Daily Groove - Drumcatcher
12. Nanofunk - Stoner
13. Eustachian - Lurk
14. Subway Swingers - Dub Phizix
15. Drophead - Underspawn & Dubterra
16. Despair - Ewol
17. Plantation - Marcus Tee

July 31, 2017 08:41 AM PDT

Sid Nar aka Narkotix (Owner of Odyssey Recordings) has been an avid listener of all forms of dance music from a young age. This progressed into a Love of Drum&Bass (dating from back to the early 90’s through to this day). Throughout the years I purchased vinyl as a hobby and have grown a vast collection since, this then led me into mixing, Spinning the Wheels of Steel as they say. Drum&Bass has been a key music genre in my life from jungle to intelligent Drum&Bass. I was a big part of the rave scene and attended all the classic raves back in the 90’s e.g. Quest/Dreamscape/World Dance/Progression Sessions to name but a few. Having listened to and after watching the DJs play their sets, it inspired me to further my mixing skills. I chose to mainly mix intelligent drum and bass a style of music which I feel was catered for a certain ear back then. I then started my own mix tapes ‘Odyssey’ from which I started my own underground parties for close family and friends. In 1997 I delved into sound engineering to understand the fundamentals of sound which progressed to starting my own promotions ‘ODYSSEY‘allowing me to organise events in Wolverhampton City Centre. This allowed me to work a long side Nu Directions in 2000. My intension throughout the years was to perhaps one day, start my own record label and after gaining a certain level of knowledge, In 2008 I began to work on music production. Therefore as a result I produced many tracks (influenced by the music I grew up around i.e. Traditional Indian Music/Dance/Drum&Bass) This has & will be showcased throughout my record label ODYSSEY RECORDINGS. In addition, I plan to showcase a variety of talented producers both from the UK and Abroad. I also run an internet radio station with mixes running on rotation and go live every Saturday. Odyssey Music Box Radio. Link - www.odysseyrecordings.co.uk You can catch Odyssey Recordings current and forthcoming releases on the following links: https://twitter.com/OdysseyRecords https://soundcloud.com/odysseyrecordings https://soundcloud.com/odysseymusicbox

Sid Odyssey Nar Birthday Mix
Track 1 / Life On me - Intersperse
Track 2 / Aurora Boreal - Alex DB
Track 3 / Deeper Breathin - Dave Owen
Track 4 / Summertime - Kasper
Track 5 / Early Days - Altitude
Track 6 / Imagine No longer - Flowrain
Track 7 / Stay Strong - Paul SG & Altitude
Track 8 / Forgotten Dreams - Submorphics Feat Christina
Track 9 / Paul T & Survival - Gong
Track 10 / Vision Quest - Scott Allen & Deeper Connection
Track 11 / Parallel Reality - Scott Allen
Track 12 / Higher Mi Amor - Marcel

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