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Liquidsoundzuk dnb Podcast
Rollin the highest grade sounds
Category: Drum 'n' Bass
Location: London
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Rollin Serious Dnb Vibes

by Liquidsound...
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April 30, 2017 11:36 PM PDT

The Pariah studio had been assembled and music was being crafted in their individual, futuristic style which first caught the ears of Doc Scott and Blame. The first release came through Wolverhampton’s Urban Flavour Records and received heavy support from Fabio, Doc Scott and Dr S Gachet. In the few years that followed music was released on labels such as; Funk 21, Nu Directions, Inperspective Records and Covert Operations. During this time Blame had been guiding and mentoring Pariah to the point of releasing tracks with his 720 Degrees imprint which hadn’t gone unnoticed by LTJ Bukem a firm relationship with Good Looking Records followed up until 2004. In 2010, work meant a short break was needed. Now, in 2013 Pariah returns with new compositions that have that futuristic edge and a drive to push the boundaries of the Drum and Bass sound with Odyssey Recordings.

March 31, 2017 01:33 AM PDT

Tidal Aka Wayne, has always been into music since an early age. Some of his early musical memories come from many genre's including Reggae, Electro, Hip-Hop, Soul & Electronica.
Through listening to a lot of tunes, from various mix albums like Promised Land & Logical Progression, he decided to venture into drum 'n' bass production in 1998, and then later progressed into Djing back in 2000.
Since his first demo, Tidal has received interest over the years from labels like Covert Operations, Inperspective and International labels like Testflight (D.C), Warm Communications (Texas), Offshore Recordings (NYC) and Camino Blue (Germany).
In 2002 Tidal had his first signing to ASC's futuristic label Covert Operations (based in Bradford). His track entitled "Zero Divide" was eventually released as part of the Warm Communications / Covert Operations CD compilation, “Thought Process 1”.
Production wise Tidal has done numerous remixes / collaborations with respected artists like Simon V, Pete Rann, ASC, Resound, Galaxi (Deep Gemini), Void, Intersidereal; and he also hopes to work towards some more future projects with other artists.
With my own productions in an ironic way, I like to make tracks I want to hear myself in club, the same feeling I used to get from listening to those Bukem, Blame & PHD mixes for the first time, I try to aspire to capture people’s minds in the same way."
This style of atmospheric drum 'n' bass I'm deep rooted in, is the innovative 97-99 sounds of labels like Ascendant Grooves, Cadence, 720 and Good Looking Records.
It's not just about beats or making tunes for the dancefloor for me but more about, soul & feeling. I believe tracks should be open to an any interpretation and shouldn't be one-dimensional.”
In all Tidal has received DJ support from the following Artists / DJ’s
LTJ Bukem, Galaxi, Jay Le Roc, Nookie, PFM, Fabio, Aural Imbalance, Orange 'n' Blue, Modemellow, Future Engineers, ASC, Electrosoul System, Resound, Pete Rann, P.B.K, Qumulus, DJ M, Stunna, K.C Dee, Solarstation, Scenic + many others.
Expect more deepness from Tidal forthcoming on Advection & Odyssey Recordings .watch this space.

1) Tidal & Iriann Joyce - Love Devotion [Advection Music]
2) Velocity & Key - Rebirth - [Advection Music]
3) Aural Imbalance - Europa [Advection Music]

Tidal Re-Wires & Remixes Mix

4) Aural Imbalance - Legacy [Tidal Re-Wire] [Cadence]
5) SoulStructure - The Writer [Tidal Re-Wire] [StoreJam]
6) LM1 & Indigo Sync - The 591 [Tidal Re-Wire] [Offworld Recordings]
7) Deep Gemini VS Chrissy Mai - Knocked Out [Tidal Re-Wire] [White]
8) SonnyJim & Sleeze - The Long Road feat. Nikki [Tidal Re-Wire] [Dented / Eatgood]
9) Peven Everett - Worldwide Blind [Tidal Re-Wire] [Studio Confessions]
10) Kytel - Strangers [Tidal Re-Wire] [Advection Music]
11) Res - They Say Vision [Tidal Re-Wire] [White]
12) MJB - Be Happy [Tidal Re-Wire] [White]
13) Bass'Flo - Picasso [Tidal Re-Wire] [ADVLTD01]
14) Tidal VS Eryka Badu - Window Seat (d&b mix) [White]
15) Pete Rann - Gyration [Tidal Remix] [Strictly Digital]
16) Tidal VS Ava Leigh - La La La (d&b mix)

February 27, 2017 08:16 AM PST

Sinergie – Up & Coming Artists.

Singerie: Combining various styles of dnb.

Evocative and captivating: The Odyssey In this sound of renewed enthusiasm for the future, Sinergie is born.

From the UK we bring you Sinergie – Duo Artists new to the DJ Circuit but long time avid listeners and ravers. They are also involved in production which will be showcased later this year.

Their collection consists of various styles of Drum & Bass; from Atmospheric dnb/Tech/Intelligent/Jungle/…

Sinergie - Showcasing music from Odyssey Recordings and other reputable labels & artists.

Podcast 15 will be available for Free Download – 1st March 2017 from Liquidsoundzuk /iTunes

Track List:
1. Below The Water – Rhythm Tek –Odyssey Recordings [DUB]
2. Tidal - Centralized – Odysey Recordings [DUB]
3. Greekboy – Cosmic – Different Drumz
4. Eschaton – Ife Patterns – Omni Music
5. Critical Event & Mode Funktion – Dark Passenger – Offworld Recordings
6. Broken Sight – Witchcraft – Skalator Music
7. Cryogenics - Obsession
8. Structure & Seismix – What The Funk – Overflow Music
9. Mr Frankie – Tire Fire
10. Data 3 – Something Strange
11. Cirrus – Ether
12. Rhythm Tek – Odyssey Recordings [DUB]

Rhythm Tek/Sid Nar
Odyssey Recordings

January 31, 2017 11:28 PM PST

Podcast 14 by Odyssey recordings Slamdunk


1. Amazing Earth - Rhythm Tek 2. Skatta - J:Kenzo 3. Skatta (VIP) - J:Kenzo 4. Black Pearl - Fracture 5. The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) - Jubei & Goldie 6. B Boy 900000 - Richie Brains 7. Kill A Sound - Sanz 8. Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) - Nasty Habits 9. Pulse OSX - Rockwell 10. The Bonebreaker - Enei 11. Identify - Structured 12. Sykura - J:Kenzo 13. Turtle Break - Rupture LDN 14. Initiate (Ill Truth Remix) - Cybin & Trex 15. 2 On Each Side - OneMind 16. Change My Mind - Ill Truth 17. Expliciticity (ft. Om Unit) - OneMind 18. Pot Whole - Structured 19. Lovehearts - Soul Defiance & D’TCH 20. Accolade - A.M.C & DBR UK 21. Cure For This (Voltage Remix) - K.i 22. Cure For This (Down Temp Version) - K.i

January 01, 2017 09:13 AM PST

Sid Odyssey Nar - Odyssey Recordings Liquidsoundz Annual 2017 Podcast 1st January 2017
All Tracks selected from forthcoming Albums/EPs/Odyssey Collective Series Project [2017].
Big Upz to everyone who supported Liquidsoundzuk Podcast in 2016 Djs/Family/Friends/Odyssey Collective Artists.
A Special Thank You to Rhythm Tek/Slamdunk/Tidal & Pariah for their support and hard work.
Track List:
1. Forget What You Know – Rhythm Tek [Odyssey Recordings]
2. Evening Balm – Bredez [Odyssey Recordings]
3. Ariel View – D-Audi [Odyssey Recordings]
4. Magical Planet – Greekboy [Odyssey Recordings]
5. Part of Oneself – Mej [Odyssey Recordings]
6. Rekall – Pariah [Odyssey Recordings]
7. Plantation Dub – Marcus Tee [Odyssey Recordings]
8. Infect – Sanz [Odyssey Recordings]
9. No Face No Case – Junglekid [Odyssey Recordings]
10. High Tide – K Super [Odyssey Recordings]
11. Love Me – Champa B [Odyssey Recordings]
12. Weight of My Shoulders – Hyde UK [Odyssey Recordings]
13. Meth – Juttla [Odyssey Recordings]
14. Ghost Planes – Rhythm Tek [Odyssey Recordings]
15. Centralized – Tidal [Odyssey Recordings]
16. Sorry Baby I Have To Go – Mystific [Odyssey Recordings]
Odyssey Recordings Organisation.
Distinctive music for distinctive minds… The quality & emotion makes this music the most meaningful dance music of the moment…

December 15, 2016 11:29 PM PST

Mike ‘PFM’ Bolton
Mike started buying vinyl back in 1982, although at that time he did not have his own decks. He did however, spin tunes at the odd party for friends, while being influenced by the big DJ’s such as Froggy. Then in 1989, after listening to Carl Cox, it inspired Mike to acquire his first set of decks and began teaching himself to mix.

Then in 1995 Mike launched his own Drum ‘n’ Bass production career, after being inspired by LTJ Bukem’s revolutionary ‘Demons Theme’. Mike formed PFM (Progressive Future Music) on Good Looking Records. He quickly gained recognition with the release of the first record ‘Wash Over Me/ Love and Happiness’, as well as the now classics ‘One and Only’, ‘The Western’ and ‘Danny’s Song’.

After a string of hits with Good Looking, PFM went on to release a number of tracks on Moving Shadow including the well-known ‘Cruising Detroit’ and ‘The Eleventh Hour’
After a brief spell with a major record label, PFM, now solely Mike Bolton, re-signed with Good Looking and released ‘Sakora/ Summerboy’ followed by the ‘Val Sinestra EP’, which is dedicated to a friend that passed away.
Since then Mike Bolton has gone on to produce some fine albums including the ‘ Producer’, which was a collection of remixed older tracks, as well as more new material. Mike has really made a huge impact on the scene through a lot of hard work that has been recognised throughout.
You can now catch Mike Bolton live at an Event named ‘AXO’ organised by the Odyssey Recordings and Advectionmusic camp. This will be held at ‘The Queens Head’ Redditch 30th April 2016 where Mike ‘PFM’ Bolton will be showcasing an exclusive 2 hour classic Golden age set.

November 01, 2016 12:20 AM PDT

Aliina Atkinson, formerly credited on releases as Aliina Mayes is a DJ, producer, editorial writer at DNBMUZIK, and owner of Sliced Note Recordings.
Missrepresent has been hailed as "One of the most successful female dnb artists" by industry giants Random Concept. 2015 saw her reach award winning status at the "We Love Jungle" awards crowned as "Best Female Jungle DJ" and 2016, she picked up the "Best Female Artist" award at the O2 London, Building Six from the Drum and Bass Awards.
2016 sees her endorsing True Vision, Fabtronic and VMAttire. She is no stranger to being picked up by sponsors, from being on the Henley Designs Ecler and Ortofon Pro DJ Team alongside DJ Friction (Radio 1), Urban Nerds, Futurebound & more which saw her DJ'ing 2 years consistently at Europe’s biggest DJ Performance show, BPM held at the NEC, Birmingham UK.
If you've caught one of her sets either live or online, you will know why. Along with DJ'ing across the globe from Europe to Eastern Bloc, she is one of the most versatile DJs, from headlining with Skibadee (Germany) or Harry Shotta (Taboo Breakz Festival) in epic dancefloor jump up sets, to all ragga jungle, jungle old skool and nu skool sets, liquid sets, 2003-2008 sets, headlining dancefloor sets with the legendary UK Apache in Tenerife, to being booked for Renegade Hardware 'The Final Chapter' in 2016.
The journey began in 2004 when Missrepresent beat over 500 entries to win the liquidfunk.co.uk DJ mix competition. In the same year she qualified in the finals of Bristol Academy’s 'Movement & Driveby' competition which led to the beginnings of a global career in DJ'ing at venues such as The Wagon Club (Poland), Club Cube (Lodz Poland), Porto Play DnB (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal) with numerous gigs in all corners of Germany. Other cities such as Seoul in East Asia, Taipei in Taiwan and over the other side of the globe in the USA such as Chicago, Denver and Reno in Nevada who have hosted this lady to play. Europe isn't a strange place to her either, headining events in Copenhagen, hitting Prague and the world famous Cross Club im Czech Republic, Slovakia Bratislava, Innovation In The Sun in Spain, and headlining a massive 4000 / 5000 outdooor event in La Palma to returning visits in Rome Italy, Naples Italy, Germany Augsberg, Hamburg, Manheim and Hanover.
Missrepresent is no stranger at home either, covering the UK with numerous residencies to headlining Jungle Nation in Aberdeen Scotland to the bottom of the UK for Devotion in Devon, and most cities inbetween. Residencies included Bedlam's Valve Sound System nights at Brunels Swindon, Desire London and continues her residency for Bristol Sounds. She saw 2016 in with a main room New Years Eve set at Innovation / Epedemik / Devotion in London. Spring 2016 has her headlining a 250 capacity boat party up the Thames for MGA and she continues to headline jungle events. A series of main stage festival sets such as Symmetry Festival, Party In The Pines for a second year continue and she is part of the SASASAS tour line up in May 2016, along with being invited to play at one of the UK's Outlook Launch events in Essex for the new UK based promoter DNB4LIFE.
15 years of crowd reading and mixing skills has developed, from originally starting on vinyl, a format she adores, from recording sets on cassette tape and perfecting over the last 15 years to working and producing on digital platforms now.

Her productions as Silent Code have remixed some huge tracks such as Black by DJSS, Spiritual Aura by Rap and offical Snoop Dogg remix 'Fiip It' with Charlotte Devaney. Remix's also include The Bass Dunk EP featuring Lady Leshurr and Fatman Scoop. Radio 1’s Mr Jam supported her tracks, including the 'Twisted World' (Joe Nebula & Rachael Wallace) Silent Code Remix.
Releases are on on Viper Recordings, Formation, Easy Records and more, but most notably, Silent Code had 3 tracks released on EA Games, Need For Speed Most Wanted. The 3 tracks - Night Train, East Star and Spellbound produced were up alongside Muse, Chemical Brothers, Madeon. The Who, DJ Fresh and Dizee Rascal, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Green Day, The Prodigy and many more. A full list can be found here. This was noted by many as the best Need For Speed sound track ever compiled.
Producing solo into 2016, her music has continued support by A list artists such as Roni Size, Grooverider, Phantasy, Nicky Blackmarket, Aries, Logan D to name a few. Her remix of Spice by Bad Influence will be out on Vengenance Recordings in 2016.
She has featured on front cover features in Egg Magazine, been a resident on the Movement Tour at Brunels, featuring in DJ Mag as DNB’s top ladies.
She was the first female artist to join Micky Finn’s DJ Agency ‘Urban Agency’ and the first female producer signed to legendary ‘Viper recordings’.
Missrepresent has promoted events on a monthly basis in Gloucester, Leamington Spa, Banbury and Coventry and progressed to taking a crew of resident DJ’s across Europe. This was the time when she linked up with DJ Phantasy with her resident nights.
The Aftershock Radio team she promoted evolved into events across the midlands on a regular basis and led her to team up with Garry K and Pressure from Random Concept, where she was part of the judging team for the DJ and MC finals for the Random Concept Academy - The Global Energy Weekender with Random Concept saw her DJ with Garry K alongside Eksman. She was also invited to judge in the finals of RC Academy's Dj & Mc competition for a second consecutive year, with MC IC3, Garry K and Pressure again.
Missrepresent has featured in Knowledge Mag, DJ Mag, DOA and is interviewed on dnb resources on a regualr basis. Her AftershockRadio events took the U.K & Europe by storm featuring at massive events such as the like of Valve Bedlam, Desire London, High Rollers Swindon plus co-promoting nights at The Mass nightclub in Brixton London and SE1. More press followed for Missrepresent, interviews with SoGlos, Gloucestershire's No1 music hub and Guest Residency’s on Radio Cardiff alongside DJ Kallista, which also included quarterly requests for live mixes and interviews. By the end of 2007, Missrepresent played to a crowd of 2,000 revellers headlining for Lifeline Promotions in Bremen, Germany on a NYE night that featured huge acts like Bad Company, Moving Fusion & Far Too Loud.
The growing success story continued in 2008 with support from Fly53 Clothing, the very brand that supports The Klaxons. Gigs at Bedlam, Carling Academy, Bristol, and more gigs in Tenerife followed. A 2nd trip to Italy Rome with Evilsound, and headlining a huge 7,000 capacity outdoor event in La Palma, and the landmark of being nominated for Best Female Artist and Breakthrough DJ in Raveology’s Drum & Bass Awards and came second 2011 then 3rd 2012 alongside Annie Mac (Radio1) and DJ Storm (Metalheadz).
AfterShockRadio went from its humble beginnings to receiving a nomination for Best Internet Radio Station 2 years consecutively.

Track List
1. We Were There – Rhythm Tek
2. Aerial View – D-Audi
3. Allure - Woodtekr
4. Liquid Polard – Hyde
5. Mid Tricks – Woodtekr
6. Chasing Shadows – Mej
7. Mysterious Lil Creatures – Mej
8. 2nd Street – D-Audi
9. Make You Shine – D-Audi
10. Because – D-Audi
11. Seasons Change – Woodtekr
12. Weight of My Shoulders – Hyde
13. Ambient Movement – Greekboy
14. Glistening Sun – Woodtekr
15. Mirror Image – Capstick
16. The Abyss – Tidal
17. Dropping Flava – Rhythm Tek
18. Melt – Woodtekr
19. Knocked Out – Brederz
20. Secret Garden – Woodtekr
21. Pain – Jrumhand
22. Part of Oneself – Mej
23. Centralized – Tidal
24. Retreat From Sine Lake – Mej
25. Forget What You Know – Rhythm Tek
26. Dr Tongue – D-Audi
27. Mending Force – Woodtekr
28. Peregin Falcon - Woodtekr

September 30, 2016 10:20 PM PDT

A classically-trained keyboardist and working musician based in Chicago, STUNNA (aka J. Cappo) has crafted his own unique sound within the fast-paced world of Drum + Bass music. With a number of strong releases on various high-profile labels coupled with a solid Stateside and international touring schedule under his belt, this Grammy-nominated, URB Magazine 'Next 100' producer and host of BASSDRIVE Radio's popular weekly 'GREENROOM' show is determined to spread his own sound as well as exclusive tracks from talent around the world. As his prolific catalogue of solo productions, collaborations and remixes has gained global support from DOC SCOTT, LTJ BUKEM, FABIO, MARKY, LOXY, NOOKIE, BIG BUD, MARCUS INTALEX, CALIBRE and many more, it's going to be another busy year ahead…..

Label affiliations:

31 Records | Absys | Advection Music | All Street | Bassdrive Radio | Bassdrive Tunes | Barely Breaking Even | Basswerk | Beat 70 Music | Beyond Belief | BIOS | BS1 | Criminal Records | Criterion Records | Cut Music | Defunked | DNBB | Droidsong | Drum+Bass Arena | Faction Digital | Fokuz | Fokuz Ltd | Forestry Service | Formation | Free Love Digi | Funk Star | Future Retro | Golden Orb | Ground Mass | Have-A-Break | Hustle Audio | IM: Ltd | Influenza | Kill Inc | LDNB | Levitated | Liquid Drops | Liquid Tones | LowRise Sounds | Lucky Devil | New Identity | Nightworks | Offworld | Omni Music | Outsider | Phunkfiction | Phuzion | Plush | Point Audio | Red Mist | Respect Records | Rotation Deep | Rubik | Santorin | Scientific | Sidechain | Soul Bros | Soul Deep | Soundtrax | Stepping Forward | Telluric | Toolroom | Urban Chemistry | Vampire | Vibez | Westbay



Notable Mentions:

2011: 2nd place in Knowledge Magazine's remix competition for SEBA's 'PAINTED SKIES'
2007: URB MAGAZINE 'NEXT 100' artist
2005: Spot on Knowledge Magazine's 'Unsigned Original Tunes' compilation for 'PAIN'
2001: Knowledge Magazine overseas winner in the 'Decksterity Mix-Tape' competition

Additional links:


Track List


*For info on STUNNA, visit:

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